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In Racanelli’s debut, a complex portrait of Italian ties and influence in New York City, two NYPD detectives investigate the murder an air force pilot with ties to the Ustica massacre, the infamous 1980 aviation disaster. Racanelli brings together a wide and intriguing cast to depict corruption at every level of the city’s power structure and a tangled web of favors and debts extending across an ocean to a troubled homeland. –Dwyer Murphy, CrimeReads Editor-in-Chief

“The perfect thriller for right now … action, suspense, intrigue – and a journey to a fabulous foreign location.”–Lee Child, author of the best-selling Jack Reacher novel series.

THE MAN IN MILAN is a refreshing yet gritty thriller. Vito Racanelli has produced a superb combination in Rossi and Turner, and readers will want to see more of them. They act like real street cops, and know how to work a case and spot BS. Besides keeping themselves out of hot water as much as possible, they walk the walk and talk the talk. Throw in a shocking airline disaster with a despicable motive behind it, and you have a gripping novel that deserves to be a hit. by Kate Ayers, Nov. 25, 2020,

Based in part on actual events, The Man in Milan is stuffed full of action, intrigue and enough plot twists to satisfy Niccolo Machiavelli himself, and announces the arrival of a major new talent in thriller fiction. Read it for yourself and see why the MBR is calling it one of the best first novels we’ve seen in quite some time! — The Mysterious Book Report

“Fact and fiction collide with shocking, often unexpected consequences in Vito Racanelli’s smart, stylish debut thriller, The Man from Milan. A page-turner from start to finish.”
– Jonathan Santlofer, best-selling author of The Death Artist and the Nero Award winning Anatomy of Fear

Publishers Weekly: “Entertaining debut….Exciting action sequences play out against a travelogue background….Hopefully, [Rossi and Turner] will be back soon.”

When NYPD detectives Paul Rossi and Hamilton P. Turner begin investigating the Sutton Place murder of an Italian air force pilot, the last thing they expect is that they will find themselves sucked into the potential cover-up of the Ustica massacre, the most horrific aviation crime in Italian history, in which all 81 souls on board perished, where Italian President Francesco Cossiga blamed a missile deployed by the French Navy for the disaster.

But as they begin investigating, Rossi, recovering from a broken marriage, and Turner, an African-American opera buff, poet, and former lawyer with ambitions to be mayor, come up against NYPD bureaucratic obstacles and stonewalling by the Italian Consulate in NYC. Lieutenant Laura Muro, the policewoman sister of the victim, comes to New York to aid the investigation, but soon the trio find themselves in the crosshairs of the Gladio, Italy’s powerful, shadowy political cabal whose reach extends to the highest reaches of New York political and ruling class.

From New York to Italy, Rossi, Turner, and Muro must uncover the shocking truth about one of the most notorious disasters in airline history, and how this infamous act ties to the present-day murder.  For fans of Daniel Silva and David Baldacci comes a gripping thriller based on real world events that will have you riveted until the final page is turned.

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Available Nov.24, 2020