“The perfect thriller for right now … action, suspense, intrigue – and a journey to a fabulous foreign location.”–Lee Child, author of the best-selling Jack Reacher novel series.

“Fact and fiction collide with shocking, often unexpected consequences in Vito Racanelli’s smart, stylish debut thriller, The Man in Milan. A page-turner from start to finish.”– Jonathan Santlofer, best-selling author of The Death Artist and the Nero Award winning Anatomy of Fear

“Entertaining debut….Exciting action sequences play out against a travelogue background….Hopefully, [Rossi and Turner] will be back soon.”– Publishers Weekly

“Crackling with energy, humor and verve, Vito Racanelli’s The Man in Milan is a winner. From its dizzying and globe-trotting story to its breakneck pace, you won’t be able to put it down.”–Megan Abbott,  best-selling and Edgar Award winning author and TV producer.

“Thriller fans rejoice! Two new homicide detectives have arrived on the scene in Vito Racanelli’s “The Man in Milan” and their exploits are bound to grip readers as the pair pursue a gang-land style murder in New York to the twisted corridors of power in Italy. Detectives Paul Rossi and Hamilton P. Turner seem a mismatched pair: Rossi’s marriage is broken and his alcoholism barely under control, while Turner is an African-American poet with political ambitions. Together, they are fixed in their fierce determination to bring in the killer of a former Italian Air Force pilot. The stakes couldn’t be higher as three murders in New York lead to the unsolved massacre of 81 in an Italian plane crash. New York street smarts carry Rossi and Turner to a showdown against a terrifying villain—and will carry along readers to the very last sentence.” –Rich Zahradnik, Shamus Award winning author of “Lights Out Summer”

“Vito Racanelli’s exceptional thriller entertains and surprises at every turn, as NYPD detectives Paul Rossi and Hamilton Turner hunt a killer from New York to Italy. When they uncover the truth about an infamous Italian aviation disaster, it nearly costs them their lives. Deft storytelling, complex characters and plenty of wit will keep you hooked from start to finish.”–Brooklyn-based author Karen Ellis.